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House Wine by the glass- $5.25  
Pinot Grigio  
White Zinfandel  
Cabernet Sauvignon  
 Red Wines  
Mark West Pinot Noir  
California 6.25/23  
Blackstone Merlot             
California 6/21  
Apothic Red Blend  
California 7/24  
Terrazas Malbec  
Argentina 7/24                           
Hidden Crush Cabernet  
California 8/28  
Louis Martini Cabernet  
Sonoma Country, CA  9/32  
 White Wines  
 Bella Sera Moscato  
Titaly 6/21  
Bree Riesling  
 pfalz, Germany 6.25/23  
Ecco Domani Pinto Grigio  
Venezie, Italy 6.5/23  
Simi Sauvignon Blanc  
Sonoma Country, CA  9/32  
Le Grand Chardonnay  
Minervois, France 6./21  
Willam Hill Chardonnay  
Central Coast, CA 8/28
Sparkling Wines  
Canti Prosecco  
Veneto Italy 7  

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