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House Wines

   Summer Cocktails

By the glass- $5.25                         O'Gara's Red Sangria
                    House recipe using fresh berries!
Pinot Grigio                           Berry Berry Mojito
White Zinfandel                  It's taking your standard Mojito 
Cabernet Sauvignon             to the next level!  Simple syrup, fresh 
Merlot            raspberries, blueberries, fresh mint,
           and Barcardi Rum.  Muddled and shaken
Red Wines                to perfection.  Served over ice.
Mark West Pinot Noir                                Flirtini
California 6.25/23              Absolut Vodka, pinneapple juice 
Blackstone Merlot                  and champagne shaken and 
California 6/21                                served up.
Apothic Red Blend  
California 7/24                          Royal Cosmopolitan
Terrazas Malbec           Absolut Vodka, champagne, cranberry
Argentina 7/24                juice, triple sec and lime juice.
Hidden Crush Cabernet                       Shaken and served up.
California 8/28  
Louis Martini Cabernet                              The Blue Rita
Sonoma Country, CA  9/32                It's your traditional margarita 
                     with a "kick" of energy!
White Wines               Maestro Dobel Tequila, triple sec,
             sweet and sour served with a "wing"
Bella Sera Moscato                      of blueberry redbull.
Titaly 6/21  
Bree Riesling                      Pat Daddy's Margarita
pfalz, Germany 6.25/23                 His lips are sealed on this one!
Ecco Domani Pinto Grigi  
Venezie, Italy 6.5/23                           Tropical Mimosa
Simi Sauvignon Blanc                  Champagne and Tropical Redbull. 
Sonoma Country, CA  9/32                    Simple never tasted so good.
Le Grand Chardonnay  
Minervois, France 6./21                NOT your Father's Rootbeer Float
Willam Hill Chardonnay                             A rootbeer float 
Central Coast, CA 8/28                         with an ABV of 5.9%.
Sparkling Wines  
Canti Prosecco- Veneto I,taly 7  

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